About Us


Linda Hiss

Owner and co-founder New Beginnings

Inspired by her experience with health challenges – both her own and of those close to her – Linda Hiss has devoted her life to helping people embrace the joys and benefits of health-conscious living. “I’ve been my own guinea pig,” Linda likes to say of her constant pursuit of healthy living for herself and others.

Before launching New Beginnings, Linda worked with the nation’s largest online wellness company – a leadership role in which she trained individuals to live healthier lifestyles through holistic strategies ranging from improving nutrition to creating a healthier living environment.

Linda’s passion for health and helping people took root as far back as her adolescence. As a teen, Linda, faced with a series of health challenges of her own, watched as her grandparents and mother dealt with health issues that arose largely out of personal life choices. She responded at that young age by soaking up information on health, body contouring and nutrition and putting it into practice.

Linda, who has had to battle weight issues herself, first heeded her lifelong call toward health empowerment of others by becoming a fitness instructor – at the time a fledgling profession. But soon enough came the next call along her path. After hurting her back and experiencing the benefits of chiropractic medicine (considered an “alternative” medicine at the time), Linda became a chiropractic assistant and dedicated herself to that profession for a significant part of her career.

After her stint as a stay-at-home mom, Linda’s passion for health education and training led her to expand further – this time, to the nation’s top online wellness company and her eventual leadership role there.

Today Linda, also a certified health coach, taps her holistic knowledge and affirming style to help New Beginnings clients live healthier, happier lives. She captures the true power of Slim Line technology by using it as a New Beginning for her clients. While transformational in itself, the technology’s true power, Linda says, is to jumpstart people into a healthier lifestyle.

New Beginnings is the culmination and continuation of Linda’s lifelong mission to “help others help their health.”


Roberta Campanaro

Owner and co-founder New Beginnings

Roberta is committed to helping people achieve total wellness in every area of life. As a Clinical Nutritionist with a degree in Clinical Nutrition & Food Science, as well as, certification as a Health Coach, Roberta’s first love is helping people achieve their nutritional goals. She believes in bio-individuality, developing holistic nutrition programs addressing all health issues with a special emphasis on weight loss.  Her programs always focus on the positive aspects of each client’s bio- chemistry rather than deprivation. She believes everyone can learn to love their bodies and enjoy many foods unique to their metabolism and health needs. “Caring for your body should be fun & rewarding. “

Roberta first realized her calling to help others through better nutrition in college, when crash dieting  left her weighing 85 pounds at the end of her freshman year.  Realizing crazy dieting was dangerous, Roberta found herself pouring over numerous books on nutrition and health. In her sophomore year she changed her major from Design to Clinical Nutrition at the University of Maryland. Fortunately, U.MD. had  one of the top nutrition programs in the country.  With additional  courses in Food Science, Roberta was able to declare a double major in Dietetics and Food Science.

She started her career in nutrition at Maryland General Hospital in Baltimore, working with patients who suffered with obesity, eating disorders, diabetes, renal failure, heart disease & cancer. Her love for food & nutrition extended beyond the clinical setting however, and she soon found herself in food service management working as the Director of Catering for The DuPont Plaza Hotel and later for the American Café in Washington DC. When the American Café was purchased by the W.R Grace Company, Roberta was offered a position working with Grace Culinary Systems first in food science & product development and later in marketing. Through Grace Culinary Systems Roberta learned she had a passion for both health and marketing. So it’s easy to see how Roberta’s next professional step was to venture into marketing with a major manufacturer of green consumable goods and nutritional products.

For the past fifteen years she has been committed to helping people find superior nutrition and affordable green products through shopping with a company which has grown into the largest online wellness shopping club in North America. As a National Director for that company, her primary focus has been training marketing executives and teaching consumers how to achieve their health and wellness goals.

However, with the growing health concerns of most Americans skyrocketing as a result of stress and obesity Roberta decided it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of opening a wellness center. So she returned to school for additional certification in health coaching in the Holistic MBA program at The Health Coach Institute,  and joined forces with Linda Hiss to open New Beginnings Baltimore.  “I knew I understood much of the biochemistry of nutrition and of most diet programs in the marketplace, but I wanted to have a better grasp on the psychology of eating. So I went back to school. Understanding the psychology of eating is crucial to providing the best care possible! “

Today Roberta is so confident in her approach to health and weight loss, she has a money back guarantee on the success of her clients.  In addition, New Beginnings Baltimore has partnered with Slim Line to provide a holistic approach to lipo treatments with cutting edge science!  Roberta is also a certified practitioner of Vevazz laser like lipo- treatments, what she calls “the only safe, non-invasive , drug free, pain free form of lipo- treatments that truly work”.

Roberta believes she can have a positive impact on the health and well- being of everyone who turns to New Beginnings for help. “We are going to change the way people think and feel about nutrition, weight loss and their bodies!”