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In the quest for effective weight loss strategies, red light therapy has emerged as a promising approach. Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy or photobiomodulation, involves exposing the body to red and near-infrared light wavelengths. While primarily recognized for its benefits in pain management and skin rejuvenation, research suggests that red light therapy also aids in weight loss efforts without invasive surgery, procedures, or side effects.

Enhance Metabolism

One of the ways body contouring with red light therapy contibutes to weight loss is by enhancing metabolism. Studies have shown that exposure to red and near-infrared light can stimulate the mitochondria within cells, leading to increased ATP production and improved cellular energy metabolism[1]. This enhanced metabolic function helps the body burn calories more efficiently, supporting weight loss efforts.

Reduce Fat Cell Size

Red light therapy has also been found to influence adipocytes, which are the cells responsible for storing fat. Research indicates that red light therapy can induce the release of triglycerides from fat cells, resulting in a reduction in fat cell size[2]. By shrinking fat cells, red light therapy contributes to a slimmer physique and aids in weight loss endeavors. New Beginnings Baltimore’s program includes a 20 minute session on a vibration plate following every 20 minute red light therapy session. This speads up the fat loss by increasing respiration and delivering fats to the liver for processing and elimination.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin resistance is a common metabolic condition that can impede weight loss efforts. Insulin resistance can be an indicator of pre-diabetes or diabetes, and means your cells aren’t optimally absorbing glucose, which can lead to weight gain. Interestingly, some studies have suggested that red light therapy may improve insulin sensitivity, potentially assisting individuals in managing their weight more effectively. Research conducted on animal models demonstrated that red light therapy improved glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity[3]. Although further human studies are needed, these preliminary findings indicate benefits of red light therapy for weight management.

Combat Cellulite

Cellulite, characterized by dimpled skin appearance, is a concern for many individuals seeking weight loss. Red light therapy has shown promise in reducing the appearance of cellulite by promoting collagen synthesis and improving skin elasticity. These effects may lead to a smoother skin appearance, masking the presence of cellulite and enhancing body confidence during the weight loss journey[4].

Synergy with Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle

It is important to note that red light therapy is not a standalone solution for weight loss but complements a healthy lifestyle. When used in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet, red light therapy greatly enhances the outcomes of weight loss efforts. One New Beginnings client reported 3x the weight loss from diet and exercise alone by simply adding twice a week red light therapy body contouring sessions. By supporting cellular metabolism and fat reduction, “laser liposuction” red light therapy can provide an additional boost to individuals striving to achieve their weight loss goals.


Red light therapy shows promise as a tool for weight loss. Its ability to enhance metabolism, reduce fat cell size, improve insulin sensitivity, and combat cellulite points to benefits in supporting weight loss efforts. However, it is important to remember that red light therapy should be combined with a comprehensive weight loss plan consisting of regular exercise and a healthy diet for optimal results. As with any health intervention, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating red light therapy into your weight loss regimen.


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